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When any maintenance issues arise on your property, we will seek quotations and your approval prior to any work being carried out. We will recommend the best, most cost-effective solution to the issue. We never receive a kickback from contractors providing quotes. Our landlords pay exactly what the contractor charges and no more.

Here at Portfolios we have a simple philosophy when managing our properties. We ask ourselves "What would we expect from a Letting Agent?"

We are 21 years in business and have developed a letting strategy which has a proven track record. The key is in the detail and ensuring good lines of communication at all times.  We use an up to date management software system which allows instance access to all details at the touch of a button.

We handle the management of the assured shorthold tenancy with the service of all appropriate notices.  We manage all safety certificates, compliance, maintenance and right to rent checks on your behalf. 

A bespoke and comprehensive online inventory will be produced and managed by us.  This will be signed by your tenant(s) and us at the property on the day they move in. Inspections are conducted every three months, by us,  for your peace of mind and detailed reports are provided.

Please find detailed our fees to improve both transparency and legitimacy within the lettings industry.  

There are no hidden fees, no check in or check out fees and no uplifts on any maintenance.  Landlord's pay the monthly management fee and everything is covered.  No complex tiered charging or varying service levels.

Our Marketing Fee is from £330 inc. VAT

Our Management Fee is 10% (plus VAT) of the monthly rental

Our Re-let Fee for a tenancy extension is £102 inc. VAT 

Our Fee to protect the deposit with My Deposits is £54 inc. VAT and the Right To Rent check is £30 inc VAT.

There is an annual subscription to the bespoke inventory reporting system of £118.80 inc VAT. 

If you would like to discuss our service further please get in touch by visiting our 'contact us' page.  We are happy to arrange a free no obligation consultation.

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